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  • Lottery Pull & CMP Governing Board Elections

    Lottery Pull - April 24th

    The Kindergarten - 8th Grade Lottery Pull for the 2017-2018 school year will be held on Monday, April 24th at 4pm.  We will be pulling for Kindergarten openings and a Kinder - 8th grade wait list.  Families may attend the lottery in person at our Carmichael Campus:  5330 A Gibbons Drive, Suite 700, Carmichael, CA 95608 (in the Gibbons Meeting Room).  This lottery is for families who have already attended a lottery tour and have submitted a 2017-2018 Lottery Application.  We will contact only kindergarten families pulled (on 4/24) during the week of May 1st.  We will NOT call families placed on the wait list unless we need to. Thank you.

    Governing Board Elections

    This spring, parents and guardians of CMP students will have the chance to vote for 2 members of the CMP Governing Board.  Please see attached memo explaining the role of the Governing Board, duties of Board members, and election logistics.  Parents and guardians are encouraged to run for the Board. 

    The Governing Board currently is in need of a Parent Representative from the Capitol campus and a Parent Representative from the Shingle Springs campus. Because all Governing Board members are responsible to and for the CMP network as a whole, all current CMP parents and guardians (network-wide) may vote for each parent representative.  The elected individual will be representing the network – so the election will be taking place network wide, May 1st-5th

    If you are interested in joining CMP’s Governing Board, please fill out the attached application and candidate statement and return to the front office no later than Friday, April 28th. 

    Joining the CMP Governing Board is a wonderful way to support your child’s education and serve your community.  As a member of the Governing Board you will be directly involved in providing a high quality, tuition-free Montessori education to a diverse population of children.  The Governing Board benefits from the wide variety of skills, experiences, and backgrounds of its members. 

    If you would like more information, please contact our Principal, Bernie Evangelista:, the  Executive Director, Gary Bowman: or the Governing Board Secretary, Carrie Klagenberg:


    CMP - Capitol Campus

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Principal's Weekly Message

Dear Parents and Community Members,

I hope everyone had a great two weeks of Spring Intersession. We sure did! Teachers and staff got the much needed time off to reenergize for the last few weeks of school.

It’s hard to believe we only have 6 1/2 weeks of school left! Time flies when you’re having fun! There are more fun activities ahead.  Classes have field trips, class plays, the Variety Show, swim days at the Cabana Club and much more.  Please make sure to read your class newsletters as teachers write about their upcoming activities.

Next week, I will be taking a few middle school students to the State Capitol as part of Advocacy Day. This gives them the opportunity to advocate for charter schools and learn more about government.

Last but not least, the 9-12 Wax Museum was a big hit! The students researched on historical Californians, presented the research on a trifold, dressed up as their character and posed in the MP Room as the rest of the student body visited their presentations.  It was awesome! Thanks to parents for helping students prepare for this and thanks to all who came.!


Bernie Evangelista

Principal, Capitol Campus

California Montessori Project

 2635 Chestnut Hill Drive

(916) 325-0910


Upcoming Events

  • Middle School Smarter Balance Testing

    CMP - Capitol Campus
  • Teacher Appreciation Week

    CMP - Capitol Campus
  • Early Release Day

    CMP - Capitol Campus
  • Principal's Cafe

    CMP - Capitol Campus
  • 5th & 8th Grade Science Testing

    CMP - Capitol Campus
  • Governing Board Meeting: CAP

    CMP - Capitol Campus
  • Spirit Day "Hawaiian"

    CMP - Capitol Campus
  • Kinder & 3rd Grade Observations

    CMP - Capitol Campus
  • Spirit Day "Sports Wear"

    CMP - Capitol Campus
  • CAASPP Make-ups: 5/7/8

    CMP - Capitol Campus
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check the class pages for the latest classroom news. 

 4-28-17 Montessorigram  

4-7-17 Montessorigram 

 3-31-17 Montessorigram  

3-24-17 Montessorigram  


2017-2018 Enrollment


Lottery Tours:  We have completed our lottery tours for the upcoming 2017-2018 school year and have given lottery applications to families that attended any of our tours and to siblings of current families.

If we find we need to add another lottery tour this year, please visit our website again to check and we will take on line sign ups if we are adding another tour.  

Kindergarten - 8th grade lottery applications must be turned in no later than April 17th to be considered for the Kindergarten - 8th Grade Lottery Pull scheduled for April 24th.

 **Please note if a child has attended a certified Montessori school prior to entering the this year’s lottery, a Montessori Verification Form is required to accompany the lottery application and must be signed by the director of the school:  Montessori Verification Form 2017-2018  This form is also available at the front office.  A child must have attended a complete year of the Montessori school to be considered “Montessori eligible”.


What's for Lunch?


2016-2017 Yearbook Sales


2016-2017 Yearbook Sale!

$25 (first-come, first serve basis)

Checks & Cash accepted at the front office

Checks payable to: “Excel Photographers” 

Gardening Corner

Spring cleaning is underway in our school garden!

The students of Redwood harvested a mountain of produce from our garden in preparation for an inside cooking day hosted by parent Jenna Kline. They also started transplanting summer seedlings into the spots opened up by the harvest. 


-Flowering or fruit producing vines to grow up the trellis in the center of the garden

-Sturdy post and quick drying cement to create a weather station

-Bags of compost and potting soil"

Please contact Ms. Rebecca, Garden Coordinator, if you are willing to help in this way.  If you are interested in taking on any of these roles or have questions, please email Ms. Rebecca, Garden Coordinator at





Smarter Balance Testing

Smarter Balance Testing Schedule:

Middle School: 5/1 - 5/5

5th & 8th Grade Science Testing: 5/8 - 5/11

Parents: see the Montessorigram for more information regarding the upcoming California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress, or CAASPP, the state academic testing program.


2016-2017 Early Release Day Calendar

Here is a complete list of Early Release Days for 2016-2017.  It is strongly recommended families take advantage of early release days to schedule doctor and dental appointments or make appointments during intersession breaks.  Thank you for your consideration as time in the classroom with the teacher and peers is critical to your child's success at school.

2016-2017 Early Release Days  


May Theme "Gratitude"

May is the month each class will focus on the character trait "Gratitude".  We will talk about the importance of being grateful and how we can show gratefulness towards one another at school and away from school.  Please take some time at home to share ways your family practices and shows gratitude with each other.  






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Our Mission

"The Mission of California Montessori Project is to provide a quality, tuition-free, Montessori education that challenges our students to reach their full potential".

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California Montessori Project is committed to improving the accessibility of our website. As we continue to make progress, if you need anything on the site provided to you in a more accessible format, please contact the webmaster by clicking here, or your school office and we will get the requested documentation to you in a timely manner.